Linux on a Dell Inspiron 9400

Having learned the hard way that life is to short for gentoo, my laptop now runs kubuntu.

feisty fawn 7.04

Update worked without major problems.

edgy eft 6.10

Some tweaking to activate the headphone jack

Kernel modules

ALSA Sound Upgrade wegen Kopfhörerbuchse! (1.0.14rc3)

(hda-intel) Subwoofer!


make install

Damit der Subwoofer wooft:


options snd-hda-intel model=ref

To control the volume of the subwoofer together with the main volume:

while true; do
dcop kmix Mixer0 setVolume 2 `dcop kmix Mixer0 volume 0`
dcop kmix Mixer0 setMute 2 `dcop kmix Mixer0 mute 0`
sleep 1
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