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 +====== BackupPC appliance ======
 +Nobody wants backup. Everybody wants restore...
 +[[http://​backuppc.sourceforge.net/​|BackupPC]] is a nice "​to-disk"​ backup solution with a convenient web frontend. Restores are easy, even for those in my household who do not tame computers for a living.
 +I recently bought a Longshine LCS-8311 NAS device for the sole purpose to make it a BackupPC-appliance. The original firmware was some kind of linux, but lasted only some minutes until my serial console cable was ready. There is a project called [[http://​www.opennas.info|OpenNAS]] using similar hardware, which has detailed information about flashing new firmware into this device.
 +Required tools:
 +  * thttpd
 +  * samba
 +  * perl
 +  * File::​RsyncP
 +  * compress::​Zlib
 +  * coreutils (su)
 +  * iputils (ping)
 +File::​RsyncP make test complains about some failing bitshifts, despite of having off_t already at a size of 8. Needs to be fixed... **FIXME**
 +  /bin/ssh -i /​home/​backuppc/​.ssh/​id_rsa.db -l backuppc $host sudo $rsyncPath $argList+
 +Backup is SLOW. But OTOH the load on the client is negligble.
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